2008 – The Founder started his career in the industry as an Interior Designer
2011 – Joined the air-con industry to learn more and expand knowledge while doing Freelance Interior Design.
2014 – He then decided to pursue Interior Designing as a Full-Time career.
2016 – Joined a contractor firm and worked Full-Time.
2019 – He decided to start his own company; BehindEveryKey(BEK) after comparing between Contractor & Interior Designers. He decided to be an Interior Designer Contractor (IDC) firm, providing the best service at a price that is affordable, Not the lowest nor the highest. BehindEveryKey (BEK)’s changed its name to Owl Home Story (OHS) due to his Fengshui Master’s Advice.

OHS is one of the first few in the market to come out with Project Coordination Management for homeowners for those who have sourced for their own contractors but have no time or knowledge in doing the coordination.

(OHS) Owl Home Story‘s leap of faith is to serve clients using a specific set of beliefs, Service & integrity with Love, Passion + Satisfaction theory.

Our slogan: Your Satisfaction, Our Motivation!

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Since 2008, the founder of Owl Home Story took a leap of faith to join the industry and grow the Love & Passion + Satisfaction.Finally, in 2019, after a series of events, Owl Home Story founder finally took another leap of faith to set up Owl Home Story to serve clients using his set of beliefs.  Service & integrity with Love, Passion + Satisfaction theory.

Plenty of owner may be wondering Why Owl ?

The word “Owl” sound like “Our”, and behind every start till the end of the “Home” renovation process is a “Story” for Us and the owners, so its Our Home Story, where strangers become friends.

While acknowledging that Owl’s hoot are soothing to the ear (bless our owners for good night sleeps),  OHS took inspiration from Japanese folklore, sharing that Owl is Fukurou in Japanese, and the word “Fuku” means luck / fortune / good blessing. Additionally, due to the versatility of how the word “fukurou” is written, it also symbolises protection against suffering and hardship.

Therefore, Owl Home Story wish to spread & bless all our owners with “Fuku” who engages our services.


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